About ISSA

ISSA first opened its doors to the people in Copenhagen in August 2012. Being one of the few authentic Japanese food restaurants, we aim to provide a wide range of Japanese daily food to people.

The chef, Isao Suzuki first stepped into Denmark in 1997, finishing his training in culinary arts back in France. With his love towards Japanese food, he decided to open the restaurant ISSA in hope to spread the recognition of Japanese food. And of course, trying to expand the understanding that Japanese food is not only about sushi.

We offer an IZAKAYA style, a Japanese bar, in the midst of Copenhagen. In an affordable price, you can enjoy a nice glass of Japanese beer or sake, with delicious dishes.

Feel like visiting Japan, but don't afford a plane ticket? Then why not visit ISSA, and enjoy this Japanese setting!!

The chef of ISSA

Isao Suzuki


Sankt Jørgens Alle 6

1615 Copenhagen


CVS nr: 30808975

Tel: +45 31 35 12 22

Email: issafoods@gmail.com